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Home Inspection Services

home inspectionhome inspection1. The “BASIC” Home Inspection
Addresses the conditions and issues involving the following major elements of the home or building:

  • ROOF

2. The “BASIC” plus TERMITE Home Inspection
Includes all of the elements of a “BASIC” Inspection plus a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report and Certification (NPCA-1 or HUD/VA/FHA Form) required by most mortgage lenders.

3. The “BASIC” plus Termite and Radon Screening Test
Includes all of the items mentioned above PLUS a Short Term Radon Screening Test for potentially dangerous levels of radon gas that may be present in the structure.

Add-On Services:

  • Mold Testing – 2 types: either SWAB or AIR SAMPLING tests available. Call for explanation of the difference between these 2 tests.
  • Asbestos Test – asbestos may be found in building materials , especially in older homes. We submit samples to lab for analysis and report.
  • Lead Paint Test – Lead is often found in paint surfaces, especially in older homes. We test for lead using specially treated pads in a non-destructive test which changes the pad color if lead present.
  • Swimming Pool Inspection – We test pools, spas, and whirlpools, either above or below ground at an additional cost.
  • EIFS Inspections – We are qualified to test for substrate delamination any moisture penetration using specially designed probes which penetrate to the substrate surface. Both small and large project experience.
  • Underwater Bulkhead/Dock Inspections – we perform underwater bulkhead and dock inspections and have a certified open water scuba diver on staff.

Upon request, we are equipped, knowledgeable and experienced in inspecting commercial buildings and structures of all types from A to Z. Please call for a free consultation with one of our building inspection professionals.