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Pool Inspection

Importance of a Pool Inspection

Purchasing a home with a pool can be an exciting time for you and your family. However, if that pool is damaged, or if any systems to keep the pool water clean are broken, then that could lead to costly repairs after you move into your new home. Hire Enginspect to have the pool professionally inspected in all of the following areas:

Filter and Pumping System

This system is essential to ensuring your pool water stays clean throughout the summer. However, if the system is broken, then it may be very expensive to fix it. Many pipes run under the cement or concreate, and they must be professionally accessed before repairs can begin. Not only can this process be costly, but also it will also take away a lot of precious time to use the pool in the summer.

Spas and Jacuzzis

The system that heats the water is crucial to a spa or a Jacuzzi. It is vital to ensure it is in proper working order before purchasing a home.

Perimeter Fencing and Gates

Not only is it a good idea to ensure that the perimeter fencing is in good shape to make your pool area look better, but also it serves to ensure that animals, such as rabbits, ground hogs, and possums, aren’t able to access the area and potentially fall in the pool. In addition, there are state requirements that mandate how perimeter fencing must be constructed in order to adhere to safety standards.

Liner Conditions

The pool liner must be in near-perfect condition at all times. It is what keeps the water in the pool and prevents the dirt on the outside of the liner from getting into the pool water. Even a small tear in the liner can result in gallons of daily water loss that will need to constantly replenished.


Most pools in New Jersey have heaters, which will increase the amount of time an owner is able to utilize the pool. However, if the intricate heating system is broken, then the extra month or two the owner could have used the pool is gone.

Pool Accessories

Pool accessories can include things such as diving boards, ladders, stairs, and other means of ingress and egress to safely enter and exit the pool at all times. The base of concrete that supports the diving board and ladders is essential to your family’s safety, and therefore it must be inspected by a professional.