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Bulkhead/Seawall Inspections

If you’re interested in purchasing a home bordering on a body of water, then, more than likely, it will have a bulkhead/seawall separating the property from the water. This is an essential piece of the waterfront property because not only does it prevent land erosion, but it also protects your home in the event of a rise in water level. Any bulkhead or seawall on a property you are interested in buying needs to be inspected—especially if that area was affected by Hurricane Sandy. The property may have hidden hurricane damage that the current owners aren’t aware of. Call Enginspect to have a bulkhead/seawall thoroughly inspected before you purchase waterfront property.

Areas Inspected During a Bulkhead/Seawall Inspection:


Inarguably the most important part of a bulkhead, these large pieces of wood, concrete, or steel keep the seawall firmly in place at all times. However, water can slowly corrode the pilings over time and may cause the structure to become unstable.

Vinyl, Wood, or Concrete Sea Walls

There are many different types of seawalls, but they all need to be inspected to ensure the seawall is not damaged or unstable in any way.

Underwater Investigations

Enginspect has diving equipment and a certified diver on staff to ensure that, if needed, underwater investigations will be thoroughly conducted.

Bracing System Integrity

The bracing system keeps all of the pieces that make up a bulkhead together and secure.

Floating Docks

If there is a floating dock attached to the bulkhead, then Enginspect will inspect it to ensure it can be used safely.

Davits and Boat-Lifting Systems

If you are planning to dock a boat by the bulkhead, then davits are utilized to keep the boat away from the bulkhead, along with boat-lifting systems to lift the boat completely out of the water, if necessary. Enginspect is qualified to inspect these systems as well.